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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well, after over 10,000 miles and countless hours on the road, we are finally back home and off the trail. It was such a blast to see so many of you guys across the country. Now that we are back in the office, we are in full swing planning for the summer. So many fun things coming your way at K-Kountry this summer. The Gospel skit is almost done, the parties are planned, and a new schedule is in the works. Stay tuned here on the blog to find out some of the things that are going to make this the best summer ever!

Please pray for us as we hire our staff this week with the best kid-crazy, Jesus-lovin' college students from across the country. We truly depend on the Lord for guidence in hiring the best staff. We covet your prayers!

Lots more coming your way now that we are back off the road! Stay tuned.

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